Become an official cryptonow® reseller

We’ve collaborated with industry leading retail brands to launch the first ever mass-market crypto retail product in Switzerland.

cryptonow® Reseller Benefits

New customers

Our voucher cards attract new customers and increase your store traffic.

No licence required

Your store can become an official cryptonow® reseller within 14 days.

No risks, no costs

No up-front costs needed and entirely risk-free for you.

Stable income

Your earnings are distributed regularly, incl. detailed reports.

Crypto for the retail industry

Ever more businesses across Switzerland and abroad are using our cryptonow® products to harness the power of the blockchain technology in retail.

We have engineered our voucher card solution from scratch to answer a specific market need. Together with our solid partnerships, we are market leader in the crypto retail space.

Why partner up with us?

There are many reasons for you to partner up with Värdex Suisse, but here the main ones.

Plug and Play

Our voucher card solution is designed to be easily implemeted into your business operations.

Free Promotions

We offer free modern marketing material to promote your store as a voucher card reseller.

Impulse Purchases

Customers are more likely to make impulse purchases at your store while looking for crypto voucher cards.

A marketing boost for your stores

Our feature-rich marketing platform makes it easy for your business to increase your store traffic — online and in person.

We sponsor free marketing material to improve the traction of your location further with data-driven media planning, activation and measurement built on the industry's leading technology platforms.

Integrating our products and services have proven to be a useful way of generating great media coverage, marketing and attracting new customers to your store.

Interested in becoming an offical cryptonow® reseller?

We are always looking for opportunities to work with new partners. If you are interested in hearing more about our products, services and how we could work together, please register now without any commitment and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Coming soon

We’re currently working hard to make our cryptonow® voucher cards available across Europe. We’re almost there, so stay tuned!
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What are the requirements to become a cryptonow® reseller?

There are no high requirements to become a reseller of cryptonow® voucher cards. For smaller retailers (up to 30 stores), you only need a computer or tablet with internet connection. Should you be a larger retailer, we would advise you to integrate our enterprise activation service within your existing operating and ERP systems. Please contact us to know the most suitable solution for you.

Do I need any license to become an authorized reseller?

No, there is no required license to become an official reseller as Värdex Suisse is the legal operator of the cryptonow product and services. As a regulated financial service provider by the Financial Services Standards Association (VQF), Värdex Suisse is fulfilling all legal obligations and regulatory requirements defined by the authorities in Switzerland.

Are there any costs involved to become a partner?

There are no up-front costs to become a partner and we will provide you with free promotional as well as marketing material for your stores.

Is it profitable to become a reseller of cryptonow® voucher cards?

Becoming an official cryptonow® reseller can be very attractive for your business. It’s a simple and risk-free solution to generate additional income while attracting more customers to your store with an innovative crypto product. Please contact us for more information.

Does it entail any risks for the partner to sell a crypto product?

No, selling the product is entirely risk-free for our resellers. We are responsible of all operations, customer support and potential risks related to market volatility.